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In Italy, about fifteen years ago, the was a great revolution of the fashion industry in general and footwear in particular. Its capacity has said by Mr.Nielsen - the representation of the market research company: "The brand LIGHT GOOD has changed quantity of life for milions people over the world!", bringing the brand LIGHT GOOD to become the status of super light, comfortable, smart and good!

  • In the 1990s

    Our Agency Beginnings

    The great idea usually comes suddenly. With Mr. Carlo Lucio - the boss of the brand LIGHT GOOD not exception!
    In 1990, by the way the travel on official business, his subordinates and he went to his shoe faction at Florence city ( the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence). Because of having to go walking with hot weather conditions, they had manifestations of being tired, unendurable, aches and pains at heel, knee and pine.

  • March 1991

    Introducing new Ideas

    Suddenly, the idea of researching and producing shoes which have feathers such as super light, soft, comfortable, street-wise and ventilative regardless of the hot weather already appreared on his mind. Since that time, the idea had pursued and urged his.

  • December 1994

    Researching new Models

    He spent on three years to research and collaborate many universities and shoe industry - fashion research institutes. A large research center with state-or-the-art equipments used to research and test original ideas about new shoe models was established!

  • July 1995

    Trying it

    He gathered a lot of the best experts in the field of shoe fashion over the world. They had duty to invent the best leather technology out of the Italy leather technologies.

    The soles were made of super light cow leather or rubber, so they would resist the abrasion. The insoles and padding layer system were also interested by engineers and experts.

  • September 1995

    A decision on the composition

    The special structure with three-layer sole helps to make sensation of soft and comfortable. The effect of the three-layer sole is to take up hot-damp air made by foot sweat and stagnating inside a shoe. It moves them outside the shoe, so consumers usually feel dry and ventilative. Fulcrum areas of the foot also calculate so much sophisticated, the result is that the LIGHT GOOD shoes have a reasonable angle of slope. The processing to form shoes is guaranteed that they mould and support the feet - when walking on road, weight of all body is equally assigned to two feet, making comfortable sensation.

  • July 1996

    From idea to realistic!

    And then, the original idea becomes realistic when LIGHT GOOD introduces the first shoe models which satisfy his idea.

    This event marks a wonderful invention of the "super light" shoe style. Having technology secrets, he focuses on manufacturing shoes and developing markets. The millions of shoes are annually sold over the world. Revenue of the brand LIGHT GOOD increases 35 percents per year - the suitable result after the long time to invest technologies, research and creation.

  • From 1996 - now

    Expanding markets

    Although appearing on the market about ten years, the LIGHT GOOD quickly become a famous brand. After occupying Europe and North Ameria market, he was interested in Asia and South Ameria market. He appreciated that consummers in Asia love the new technology products.

    Today, LIGHT GOOD has four branches and factories in the world. The factory in Italy: serving the market in Europe and North Ameria and Indian; the faction in China: serving the market in Asia and thousands of agents and distributors. The super light shoes with the brand LIGHT GOOD is being popular all over the world and its targets are businessmen and

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LIGHT GOOD Inc is an Italian multinational corporation that researches and produces super-light, soft, comfortable and ventilative shoes . The company's best-know super-light, ventilation products include the super-light line of shoes, summer shoes, so on... As of September 2010, the company operates 288 retail stores in nineteen countries.

Established on September 19, 1995 in 324F Florence, Tuscany, Italy and changed twice company name. Before having current name, it had sequential names: the summer shoe company and the super light shoes Corp. The targets of LIGHT GOOD are not only super-light and ventilative shoes, but also the leather products such as bags, belts, so on... Besides, the company is also interested in developing shirt lines. Today, LIGHT GOOD has 8,980 full time employees and revenue annually increases 35 percents!